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Firayalal Public School believes in a holistic approach towards overall development of the child. The Focus is on grooming the students as responsible global citizens and making them ready for the world, ready for the future. The school provides quality National education, it will accommodate all children for whom the school can provide an appropriate education program, provided the child fulfils all the requirements and there is vacancy. Please go through the website thoroughly, to know us better. We will be happy to help you in filling the registration form . We have limited seats and will consider the pool of applications before we make an offer for admissions. Filling up the admission form does not guarantee admissions.

The curriculum of Firayalal Public School focuses on the students, making learning fun and effective through innovative methodologies designed to engage them actively.
With a favourable student - teacher ratio of 25:1 and excellent programmes, students can expect learning to be enjoyable and meaningful at FPS.


Unique subject combinations like music, films and art

Comfortable transport arrangements

Unique non-vertical infrastructure

We believe that environment is the third teacher - nurturing the young minds and shaping them into like-minded citizens


Download Admission Form

Procure the Admission Application Package online.
Submit a duly filled application online.
Admission desk will arrange an appointment with you, for one to one counseling session and a complete school tour.
A Admission test
will be scheduled
(from grade 4 onwards).
Following the test, the candidate may or may not be called for a personal interaction session, based on the test result, if the candidate is selected, the candidate with parents will be called to school for interaction session.
On receiving the letter of invitation to join the school, parents need to pay the fees to block the seat. On receiving the payment, and all required documents admission process will be deemed to be completed.

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